by Porch Swing

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All songs written by Porch Swing.

Reassurance was recorded in January of 2014 by Tyler Stodghill and Andrew Ferren

Engineered by Andrew Ferren at Ivory Recordings

Artwork by Cheyenne Rawhoof

Released physically by Hang In There Records

Guest vocals on Outlines by Nehemiah Nelson (Remiss)

Special thanks to Heidi and Carl


released August 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Porch Swing Des Moines, Iowa

We're a post-hardcore band from Des Moines, Iowa. Let us play your house or basement.

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Track Name: Reassurance
I'll just try to tell myself everything's a line drawn straight
And that maybe I'm worth a short walk through the rain
So guide-less, I'll wander through my days.
I'll just keep pretending everything's okay
Track Name: Robinson
Maybe it's not as simple as lines drawn straight
Life is more crooked and uneven shaped
It's breaking my back to carry these things
All these promises I can't keep

But would I keep them anyway?
When all these thoughts, they just keep dragging me down
Into basements where I can be
And I know that I should let it go
But I see you in everything
And I'm just tired of losing sleep over this
And I just want you to come back

Although I never played songs that you liked
You still sat there and smiled
All you had left was that bed and broken bones
And ever since you left, I've missed the smell of smoke

Well I guess that's the truth
You're dead
You're gone
and nothing will ever bring you back
And the worst of it all
Is that I see you in everything
I see you in everything
Track Name: Outlines
We spent seasons together
Freezing in parking lots
Clinging on to teenage years
And I always had to hear songs that you liked
And I'd just tap my foot along
I always tap my foot along

I wish that I could be something you'd always want to keep
And I just wish that I could stop thinking
You'd walk through the rain for anyone but me
Don't act like things would have stayed the same
(you know you'd never stay)
'Cause all you're good at is changing
And all I do is complain
(and sit here in the rain)

All I can ask is
All I can think is
All I can ask is why..

Why can't I try?
Why can't I fight?
My skin and bones are just outlines.
(I can't feel my outlines)

Everyone watches, but nobody listens
And making an effort is just interference
When what we've come to know
Is avoidance is what you need to grow
So I guess I'll just sit here and melt with the snow
Track Name: Dependence
I guess I've never been who I wanted to be
Which makes it even harder for me to be what you need
But I'm trying and I always will
I'll always be here
Even if I just let you down
I let you down

Somewhere along these days
I lost faith in myself
Always taking things for granted
Like moments never pass
But they do and I think that makes you sad

I'm sorry that I couldn't stay the same
I'm sorry that I make you feel that way
And I'm sorry that I'm me most days
I'll try to be better and still survive

Guide-less I wandered
Tip toed around my days
Everyone around me was moving
But I was a still frame
I'm lost and that's just the fucking truth
I'll survive but I'm only alive with you
Track Name: Being Honest
It's a vicious cycle
The sun comes up just to drag me down
And I've been running circles
Trying to be a whirlwind
Not a breeze that can't be felt

If I keep looking forward
Maybe what's left behind will go away
Then this city that's my mind
Can recover from urban decay

Am I really what I wanted?

I guess if I can't be honest with myself, that's just fine
But I get sick of living with a tongue that's tied
Tripping up just trying to prove to myself that I'm right
And that for once I really fucking tried

I can't keep pretending everything will be okay
When I'm not willing to stare my fears in the face
I'm not sure if I can live life this way.